These are LabsMobile's support channels:

  • Chat web. Available in and in the WebSMS application. Available during business hours from 7am to 11pm (GMT). In case of contacting outside office hours or cases requiring technical support will be referred as a ticket in our Support Centre.
  • Support Centre. Ticketing system available 24h 365 days with a maximum response time of less than 6 hours (priority cases - incidents) or 12 hours for any other matter. Any commercial, technical or administrative issue will be handled. Cases or tickets can be created through:
  • Knowledge Base - FAQs. Compilation of all the information and help documentation of the LabsMobile platform.
  • Tutorials  of the WebSMS application in video and/or text format. These tutorials explain the processes and sections to get the most out of the LabsMobile platform and the SMS channel.

It is also possible to request training sessions or personalized support by contacting the Support Center. The objective of the session can be:

  • Perform training of processes or sections of the WebSMS application.
  • Expand knowledge of the SMS channel.
  • Consultations on how to best apply LabsMobile services.
  • Help with API integration or technical aspects.

These support channels do not imply any additional cost and are included in the price of the service.