The service offered by the LabsMobile platform is governed and regulated by the following legal documents:

  • Service Contract. General terms and conditions that define and regulate the service. This document is based on the Terms of Service on our website.
  • Privacy Policy. Clauses and current legislation regarding the protection of personal data. This document is based on the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy of our website.

Any account has a 45-day trial period during which the user can make their first sendings and discover the LabsMobile SMS platform.

The signature of the LabsMobile contract is mandatory to validate the account and enjoy the benefits and use of the platform. The contract certifies and ensures the correct use and rights of the platform, what functionalities the platform promises to exercise in exchange for the value provided in the mentioned functionalities. It also establishes the responsibilities, norms and obligations of the user.

The LabsMobile contract does not mean or bind to any permanence only the duration of the liability of use of the platform.

As soon as the user decides to contract the service and make his first purchase, it is necessary to inform the Invoicing and contact details. With these data, the Service Agreement and the Privacy Policy will be generated and must be signed.

All these documents signed digitally can be viewed and downloaded in the section Legal Terms and Account Privacy. Any changes to the configuration or billing data will require a new signature of the corresponding legal documents.