The main configuration parameters of a user account on the LabsMobile platform are listed and described below.

We recommend any users review these parameters for the proper functioning of the account:

  • Account preferences
    • Language.
    • Time zone. Important for scheduled sendings, time filter and to correctly view the results of sendings and campaigns.
    • Country: default destination for sendings. It is used for the purchase process, adding the country prefix in import and sending processes, etc.
    • Currency.
    • Senders. List of senders used in the submission forms. The first value is the default sender of the account.
    • Filters and limits described in.
  • Notification settings
    • Email for notifications. It is possible to add more than one email address and all of them will receive the notifications.
    • Email for invoices.
    • Enable/disable desired notifications.
  • Security and passwords
    • Account password.
    • Method 2FA by default.
    • Token API. Creation and management of API tokens.
  • Subaccounts (Create and manage subaccounts)
  • Invoicing and contact information. These will be the data with which the invoices will be generated.