Activation of a reseller account must be done by contacting the Support Center via email at support (at) labsmobile (dot) com or in the support section of the account.

The necessary steps to activate a reseller account are:

  1. Creation of a user account.
  2. Fill in all fields of the section billing and contact details, perform the first purchase and wait for account validation.
  3. Customization of the url by creating a CNAME type DNS entry of the chosen domain or subdomain redirected to the LabsMobile domain (for example =>
  4. Request to LabsMobile Supportthe reseller plan including the following information:
    • Username (email) of the account.
    • Logo file in PNG or JPG format.
    • Favicon file in PNG or ICO format.
    • Reference website to adapt the color palette (or failing that, the main and secondary color in RGB format).
    • Commercial name of the SMS platform.
    • Domain or subdomain to which it will be assigned the WebSMS application and / or API.

The reseller account is activated for maximum 48 hours after sending all the necessary information (files, details, DNS configuration, etc.). It will be confirmed by email when the account is properly configured and ready to use.

For any questions about the reseller plan service, it is possible to consult the product page of Reseller Plan or What benefits do you have a reseller account?.