Sending an SMS with a link (url or link) as part of the text of the message is a common and recommended practice for many use cases and functionalities.

It is possible to include links through any of the following ways:

  • Not personalized. This way, any link from any domain can be included in the text. This type of link will not generate Click statistics.
  • Fixed links. In the Attachments section you can register links and obtain a short link (domain
  • Attached files. In the Attachments you can import multimedia files (images and documents) and create a short link  (domain
  • Web Landings. All Landings created on the LabsMobile platform have a short link by default (domain
  • Automatic replacement. In the Account settings it is possible to activate the  Replace links  property so that the platform automatically replaces all the links sent in the text of the messages with shortened links (domain

Shortened links on the LabsMobile platform have the following format and redirect to the final resource (url, file or landing). The advantages of this type of link are:

  • They occupy the minimum number of characters in an SMS.
  • They are accessible in any submission form.
  • They provide information of each click (in the sections History and Statistics of the clic).

It is also possible to set up a custom domain or subdomain: What is it and how to set up a custom domain?.