There are different types of SMS messages:

  • Standard SMS. These messages are simple or traditional SMS with a capacity of up to 160 characters. These messages can only contain GSM alphabet.

  • SMS Unicode. Messages that can contain any character (such as accents, emoticons, symbols, etc.) but have a maximum capacity of 70 characters.

  • Certified SMS. Certified messages are verified by an external entity and are legally valid. After the submission, it will be generated a PDF document that certifies that the communication has taken place and also the content of the message. They are useful in any administrative/legal process. The cost is 11 credits plus the cost of the message (standard, unicode, or concatenated).  

  • Concatenated SMS. It is possible to send Standard, Unicode or Certificates concatenated SMS messages. That is, messages with a capacity greater than 160 or 70 characters that the recipient will receive. as a single message. These messages will have a unit cost for each segment of the concatenated message.

The cost of these messages can be found at What is the price or cost of an SMS message?

All types of SMS messages are available for use in the WebSMS application and through the API SMS .