The process of registration and activation of a new account on the LabsMobile platform consists of the following steps or stages:

1. Creation

  • Registration. Entering the username email in the registration form.
  • First access. The email address provided will receive a message with the access password. From then on you will be able to access the account through the login page with the username and password.
  • Support Information. In the first access, the information of name, telephone, and volume of SMS sending will be requested to be able to give better support to the account. This information is not mandatory and can be skipped by clicking the "I don't want support" button.

2. Trial period

  • Testing. The user may test the delivery and performance of the platform at no cost and you will be able to request support or help at any time.
  • Introduction of the invoicing and contact details including a verified mobile number. With this information, LabsMobile team will verify the account and add trial credits.
  • Accept and sign the Service contract and Privacy Policy.

3. Validation

  • Complete the first credit purchase.
  • Within a maximum period of 24 hours after the first purchase, the account will be validated or additional information will be requested if necessary.

At any time it is possible to access the section Account status to find out in which stage or step the account is.

In addition, if necessary, it will be possible to contact Support or Web Chat to receive assistance or resolve any questions.